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Sangha Sewing Circles 

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"A glowing woman can help other women
and still be lit."

Christy Coal

Our Sewing Class Award Recipients 2023

Alice Wanjiru_edited.jpg

Meet Alice Wanjiru, a mother of five and grandmother of two. She is married, and her husband engages in casual jobs. A dedicated community volunteer, Alice is also the mother of Grace Wanjiku, the woman who received a sewing machine as a gift from Sangha.

Alice faces challenges in her family, particularly with her first son who struggles with drug addiction. Additionally, she takes care of her first daughter, who returned home with two children. Over the years, Alice has tried various jobs, but none has provided her with satisfaction or significant benefits.Grateful for the opportunity to learn a new skill, Alice was inspired by her daughter Grace and believes that acquiring this skill will positively impact their lives. She expresses her gratitude, stating, "I'm glad Irene is my teacher. Irene understands me and my fellow students very well. Oasis is so accommodating and loving." Alice concludes with a message of blessings for Oasis and Sangha, saying, "God bless Oasis. Godbless Sangha. Asanteni sana marafiki wetu." 

This is Judith Jelimo, a single mother raising her four-year-old daughter, Marlin Chebet. Marlin is a very happy girl. Judith works in the community clinic, and as part of her employment, she receives accommodation for herself and her child. However, she earns a meager wage of Ksh 100 per day, which is quite low.

Despite the modest income, Judith expresses happiness about her current situation, particularly because she can now have lunch at Oasis. Previously, there were days when she could only afford one meal a day.

Judith J_edited.jpg
Rose Ngina_edited.jpg

Introducing Rose Ngina, a single mother with a two-year-old son named Melvin, who currently resides with her grandmother in the rural area. Rose expresses deep gratitude for the opportunity to learn sewing, as she has a strong desire to improve her life and that of her family.

Rose faces the challenge of being a single parent as the father of her son, who is married, has no intention of marrying her. She regrets entering into a relationship with a married ma. He had initially deceived her by claiming to be single, only for her to discover later that he was already married. Despite these challenges, Rose is grateful for the chance to change her life through the sewing program.

Introducing Leah Wairimu, a young woman who resides with her single mother and two brothers. Her father left when she was in high school. Leah has always desired to support her family and aims to establish her own sewing business in her hometown. This venture will not only enable her to earn a living but also bring her a sense of satisfaction. She is happy finally having something she can call her own that no one can take from her, like when her father left her life.

Leah W_edited.jpg

Shallyne Ingaita is known for her humor, easygoing nature, and overall cool demeanor. Shallyne is happily married to Felix, and though they do not have children together, she has a son who is about to turn 8 years old in October. Currently, the son resides with his father and stepmother in the rural area.

Despite her desire to live with her son, Shallyne faced challenges due to the absence of her mother. Consequently, the child was left in the care of his father's household. When Shallyne later married Felix, financial stability was a concern. As a result, they decided it was best for the child to remain with his father, where he is well provided for and attends school.

While Shallyne maintains regular communication with her son, she faces restrictions on frequent visits. The prospect of learning sewing brings her happiness as she aspires to achieve financial independence. Additionally, the opportunity to interact with other women provides a welcome distraction from her sorrows, and she expresses gratitude for these positive changes in her life.

Introducing Milka Andawa. Milka is the youngest in the class. She completed high school just last December. Initially, she had no plans to join college because her mother, a counselor at an orphanage in Nairobi, is a widow and lost her husband to illness in 2021.

Milka is grateful for the opportunity to learn sewing skills. She doesn't intend to stop here;  her plan is to continue learning until she becomes a highly influential fashion designer worldwide. She is happy to be able to sew her own clothes and wear what she wants.

Milka 2_edited.jpg
Angela _edited.jpg

I am Angela, born and raised in the community of Kawangware. I am a single mom of two kids: a 6-year-old son and a one-year-old girl. I live with my mom and my daughter, while my son resides with my grandmother in our rural home. Since completing high school in 2014, I have worked as a volunteer in various organizations here in Kabiro, gaining experience in different fields and collaborating with diverse individuals.

Since joining Oasis as an assistant project manager, I have learned a lot, both from Oasis and from Irene. I have gained insights into faithfulness, kindness, love, and truthfulness. Moreover, my relationship with God has significantly improved. Upon learning that Esther Asengo would no longer be attending classes, I approached Irene to inquire if I could take her place.

I never realized I could be so interested in sewing, but observing other students engaged in the craft made me reflect on my life. Despite the numerous works I have undertaken over the years, none have provided me with a skill as valuable as the one I am acquiring here. I am excited for this opportunity to work at Oasis and simultaneously receive free training in sewing. Asante sana for this chance—I am truly grateful. Namaste.

Meet Ann Wanyua. It took a while to capture a smiling photo of her, lol. Ann is a reserved woman. She is married to a man named Peter, and they are expecting their first child. She is very happy to connect with other ladies and spends her time learning sewing at Oasis. Every Wednesday, she goes for her and the baby's checkup, and both are healthy and well. While she hasn't revealed the expected delivery date, judging by the circumstances, it might be around October. She got married immediately after high school and didn't see any chance of going to college. She is grateful for this opportunity.

Ann Wajalu_edited.jpg

Pictures from our June 2023 

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